Community Service

These non-fiction projects utilize the powerful medium
to benefit community and humanity in practical, tangible ways.

I am available to direct and edit commissioned works that promote 
justice and social transformation.



The "Our Space Is Spoken For" public art project by TWIN CITIES MEDIA ALLIANCE creates space for community members and performance artists of color to come together and reclaim space. This thirty-minute film documents the summer-long, creative process and final results of this multi-faceted, public art project. Film screening and panel discussion in October 2018. 

Funded by Twin Cities Media Alliance. Produced by Human Horizon Films. Interviewed and Documented by Tahiel Jimenez & Xiaolu Wang. Edited by Simone LeClaire. 

LIVE IN THE NOW Campaign (2018)

ANGEL FOUNDATION of Minneapolis provides emotional and financial support to families facing cancer so they can find everyday moments of joy. This branding campaign consists of a five-minute documentary-like look at one of the families ANGEL has served, as well as a series of shorter narrative vignettes that express the new "Live in the Now" tagline (30-45 sec each). 

Produced by W2 Films. Directed and Edited by Simone LeClaire. Director of Photography Christian Calabrese. 

"Live in the Now: Walk to Bus" (45 sec.)

"Sarah's Story" (4:54) 

Copyright 2019



Following an impressive comeback, the Boys & Girls Club of Rosebud now has two sites in the two largest communities on Rosebud Indian Reservation. In addition to providing mentoring, academic support, outdoor stimulation, and essential life skills to the beloved Lakota youth of Rosebud, the Club brings people together and functions as a powerful hub of hope and positivity for the entire community. This series was conceived and produced as short promotional videos for the BGC to use as they see fit.

Introduction (3:24)

A Day at Mission (1:14)

A Day at Rosebud (1:09)

Faces of the Future (1:27)  *RECOMMENDED*

Trips (1:28)

The Challenging Past (2:24)