Wings. Dirt. Magic
Produced by: Conor Holt
Director of Photography: Jon Andreas Sanne
Costume & Makeup: Fernanda Badeo
Edited by: Travis Buschette

Starring: Nolan Shea, Mallery Mohn &  Jim Algers

Fantasy Drama.
9 minutes.

Wings. Dirt. Magic  (2011) is a student film shot on 16 mm black-and-white negative film. Five years post-completion, I have nothing but a sweet spot for this little movie.

It was my first, totally unexpected time directing a team of people with separate roles and equal stakes in a project (at very least in terms of our grade). I made up the idea the night before we all pitched ideas and formed teams, and, having previously been asked to production design for a different team,  never really expected to execute it.

This relieved the pressure of pitching and allowed me just to explain an idea I thought was compelling. Then to my surprise, my sweet team fell together in our different ways, for our different reasons.

Wings. Dirt. Magic came together in five weeks and taught me about making things happen. I have a clear memory of my delight at finding the lead boy, who had less acting experience than the other kids and infinitely more subtlety. I also remember trying to shrug off insistent public skepticism about our planned night-time, November wilderness shoot - and then, sure enough, finding ourselves utterly lost in the middle of pitch black woods with freezing actors and bulky generators, lights, cords, and film equipment just kinda hopelessly strewn everywhere. (This is a relatively tame version of what's known as "getting the shot"). 

As I recall, Wings. Dirt. Magic cost around $2,000 to make, including the cost of the negative film itself. MSUM awarded the project Best Costume and Makeup. It screened at the Fargo Film Festival as an invited selection, as well as at the Black Hills Film Festival in South Dakota.

I especially love this movie because it is the first movie that I made with my favorite cinematographer and dear friend, Jon Sanne.   

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